Emily Collins

No logo

by Emily Collins August 2, 2012

Yesterday QAA announced it would be lending its previously protected logo to higher education institutions with a ‘confidence’ judgement, or those that had sufficiently changed their practices in response to a ‘limited confidence’ judgement. Anthony McClaran, chief executive of QAA is reported in Times Higher Education as saying such a mark will ‘improve public understanding of standards and quality in higher education’. I would like to question this assertion, along with the overall scheme.

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Let’s rescue student engagement

by Emily Collins March 9, 2012

Student Engagement – whether it’s the title of a paper, policy or pro-vice chancellor – has been around as a policy priority in higher education for some time. There are theories about why it is important, what it means, who should take responsibility for it, how it should be funded and monitored and who knows what is best for it; but I have seen a disappointing lack of discussion around what should happen because of it. This is a post about how I think this agenda has gone wrong, and what me might do to get it back on track.

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