Martin Hall

Defending British Universities

by Martin Hall December 7, 2012

Universities are ‘places where students can develop their capacities to the full, where research and scholarship are pursued at the highest level’. With critical issues at a time when our university system is undergoing some of the most traumatic changes in recent history, the CDBU has been launched to defend the academy and this is why I’ve joined.

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Not for profit

by Martin Hall December 1, 2011

Should the embryonic for-profit sector of British Higher Education be given the same access to public funds as other universities, and what would happen if they were?

There is plenty of competition between publicly funded universities, and a very wide range of student choice by programme of study, type of institution, geographical location and reputation. Whatever one thinks of the White Paper and the new system of student funding, it is very evidently introducing student choice by price of qualification as well; from 2012, students will be able to choose programmes of study that will range in price from below £6,000 to £9,000 per year. There is no inherent need for a large for-profit sector to provide future students with a “genuine alternative”.

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