Tom Bailey

Thatcher’s enduring legacy to British HE

by Tom Bailey June 23, 2014

What did Margaret Thatcher ever do to British universities? The last few days have seen much analysis of Thatcher’s legacy for universities, research and science – which gives us an appropriate moment to assess the history. Tom Bailey takes a look at Thatcher and her critics – when in power and today – and how their response to her policies shaped today’s landscape.

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Remembering Robbins

by Tom Bailey October 25, 2013

This week sees the 50th anniversary of the Robbins Report. Appointed by the Government in February 1961, a committee led by Lord Robbins was instructed to review higher education and, “in the light of national needs and resources”, to advise “on what principles its long-term development should be based”. Peter Scott once described the resulting report as “the constitution of modern British higher education.” How and why do we remember Robbins? Tom Bailey takes the long view.

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Giving to universities

by Tom Bailey September 2, 2013

In difficult economic conditions, attention inevitably turns to potential alternative sources of income for universities such as philanthropy. But philanthropic income will never be a panacea that will fund the UK’s higher education system and proposals that fail to recognise that should be given short shrift. However, giving to higher education is on the rise thanks in part to government support. Tom Bailey takes a look at the state of philanthropy in UK HE.

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Fighting deliberate ignorance in the press

by Tom Bailey May 21, 2013

There have been a number of one-sided and ill-informed diatribes on higher education policy in the national press in recent months. Although often well written, their positions are indefensible and pose deep problems for UK higher education. And so it falls to the wonks to respond.

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UKIP’s dangerous higher education policies

by Tom Bailey January 28, 2013

UKIP are on the rise. Nigel Farage has become a permanent feature of political shows as recent polls have shown his party finding unprecedented levels of support. UKIP has been consistently ahead of the Lib Dems, building support amongst discontented Conservative voters over issues such as the EU and gay marriage. So, what does UKIP, which describes itself as a “libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union”, propose for higher education?

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