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Apocalypse now?

Wonkhe Apocalypse Now

Are universities doomed? With the apocalyptic tone to many recent pieces on higher education you could be given for thinking universities are facing imminent disaster.

Exciting Holiday Higher Ed Quiz

I spent six years working at UEA, home of the HE three letter acronym and have always had a fondness for them, the more pointless and obscure the better. So, what better way to mark the peak Higher Ed conference season than with a pointless quiz on HE acronyms. Some of these are relatively well known and others are more obscure so see how many you can get.

The Tea Fund Has Been Closed

Wonkhe University construction

Senior common rooms were for staff whereas junior common rooms were for students, usually located in halls of residence or colleges. Having removed a lot of them it looks like universities are trying to build them in again.

Globally green

Wonkhe Green Metric world university ranking

The GreenMetric ranking for 2014 produced by UI has just been published and UK universities do rather well. Especially the University of Nottingham…