Debating the future of research

by Mark Leach November 25, 2013

The REF submission deadline has finally arrived. But it’s only the beginning for researchers, departments and universities that have gambled big and need a good result. The results will make or break many universities’ ambitions and long-term strategic plans. The REF’s importance to the sector, or the impact on it cannot be overstated. But it’s not just the REF looming large on policymaker’s minds. With severe pressure on the whole of the BIS budget and many outstanding issues to resolve, will the next Parliament afford the opportunity for a far-reaching debate to help shape the next long term settlement for research and science in the UK?

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In praise of….. John Masefield

by Mark Leach February 4, 2011

When the University of Sheffield awarded the then poet laureate John Masefield an honorary degree in 1946, he gave an address about the power of education. He thought universities were beautiful places and his ideas and eloquent words remain prescient today. Lord Dearing quoted them in the forward to his seminal report in 1997 which was guided by a similar […]

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