UCAS have now published their data for applications to the 15 January deadline. By this stage, almost all school-leavers who are going to apply have applied, and a significant proportion of the overseas and older applicants have also applied. This provides us with a reasonably firm basis for taking stock of this years’ recruitment position.

UCAS Data: 2013 Cycle

by Andrew Fisher January 8, 2013

UCAS have now published their mid-December data on the 2013 cycle, and the press coverage has been mainly downbeat, perhaps because UCAS has not tried the faintly ludicrous ‘late surge’ spin that they put on the equivalent data last year. But there are several reasons why we need to be cautious about drawing hasty conclusions from the data released so far.

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Application with results: is fairness the issue?

by Debbie McVitty January 26, 2012

Last Friday, the UCAS Admissions Process Review consultation came to an end and now we must wait to see whether the proposals to shift to an ‘application with results’ (formerly known as PQA) system has legs. In short, UCAS is proposing that (young) prospective students should apply to higher education, results in hand, within a short timeframe in the early summer. Applications would be turned round and decisions made within a matter of weeks.

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UCAS Figures: Don’t panic….yet! – Updated 6/1/12

by Mark Leach November 28, 2011

Today, UCAS released its November figures which offer a snapshot at where application levels are in this current cycle. They are down from last year which has caused many to claim that higher fees are putting off potential students. Despite coming from all sections of the mainstream media, as well as social media, there is absolutely no evidence for this assertion. In fact at its worst, it amounts to either lazy reporting or sometimes even opportunistic scaremongering.

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Do Vice Chancellors love Cox? The ‘celebrity academic’ – a statistical analysis

by David Kernohan April 11, 2011

You cannot have watched television on a Sunday night in the UK over the past few weeks without witnessing the wonders of Professor Brian Cox, the be-gortexed globetrotting human lens flare that has defined popular physics in 2011. With his rock&roll background, his boyish enthusiasm and charm, and his habit of wearing t-shirts that display a startling level of nipple definition, many hearts have been set a-flutter and the phrase “stellar superfluid” has taken on a whole new layer of meaning.

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HE supply and demand to 2020

by Mark Leach February 2, 2011

HEPI have published a timely report today on supply and demand following on from previous annual publications on the same topic. This year’s considers the extend of likely unmet demand in the future and highlights the previous educaticational profile of students entering HE. More than one third of which have no UCAS tariff points. “The […]

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